Thursday, September 8, 2011

Powerful union

I believe that Indians were among the first ones to understand the physical attraction. The beautiful creation where two bodies were created keeping in mind that they are incomplete without each other. I like the Paulo Coelho's explanation which says there that there was just one powerful body and to reduce its power it was cut into two. When these two bodies combine they become immensely powerful. We Indians were aware of this we knew the power of physical attractions and contacts. We have worshipped Shiv lingam for ages and our old temples have carvings which give us proof of ancient erotic ages. We had discovered the secret of happy life. The world's best guide to the art of making love is Kamasutra which was written in India. We had discovered the formula to long , happy, stress free life ages ago. 

Sex is not need. It is natural. It is way of life. It is a part of life. If you run from it or if you are forced to be away from it unknowingly you get frustrated in life. This frustration leads to many other problems in turn. But once you welcome it with open arms and accept it as a natural feeling same as love, affection and hatred your mind becomes calm.

Many who have tried to convey this message have been opposed but that does not change anything. The fact remains.  

Today we can find many articles which say sexercise is good for your body, it makes you stress free and allows the happy hormones to flow and gives your face a glow. But to find peace in sex you need the right person, the right other half who will complete you , who has same urges as you do and who will make you feel complete.  By nature's law you will get attracted towards this right person and the bond will complete you. 

Everyone who says our traditions are against it might have different perception. According to me our ancient and medieval history explains the importance of the most natural feeling. May be we should try and get back to our roots to understand this.

Cheers to beautiful life!

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  1. Good one! i feel there is a scope of some more examples, however, it is always a joy to read your blog.