Friday, September 23, 2011

Will you do friendship with me?

For some people this can be a beautiful question (read GUYS) and for others a nightmare. I am of course in the later class. The probability of the question "will you do friendship with me" is directly proportional to your sex, location and surroundings. There was a movies Mujhse Dosto Karoge but for one it was just a movie and two "Mujhse dosti karoge" atleast is not grammatically incorrect and gross.

I really cannot count on my finger tips and for this case in my mind that how many times have I faced this question. Every time someone stopped me and asks this or every time when when someone left me a note which had this question I could feel my head throwing a set of words out "Friendship happens! Friends are for life! You become friends by knowing each other and you NEVER need to go and ask this question!" I wish I could say this but I know it would have sounded rude and so I had to opt for a lesser rude answer "NO". I believe it is not just my case, there are many sufferers like me who have wished for a better CLASS of suffering.

I understand that by nature's law boys are attracted towards girls and they should understand that even girls are attracted towards guys. The only thing is you will get a response if you are the right opposite and then you would not have to ask for such a silly question.

I just want to say that next time pop the right question or let the circumstances help you out.

Another bugging line after this question is "just friendship only" and all I can think of is "so what else can you". Here you should realise that it is not that a girl is thinking that you will take her advantage as she does not know you and so she said no. She said NO because :
1. She can
2. She can

There are many other ways to ask a person out, to know a person and to become good friends. People should follow those ways then popping this question. If you do not understand this now, you might understand this someday.

Till then , Cheers to beautiful life!

***The reason I could not write a gender neutral blog is my lack of experience about such things happening other way round and thus my lack of understanding.


  1. Nice post. This is very popping question youth. Remember, we can not plan life, we can not program a relationship or friendship to happen, we can judge the circumstances and can guess some thins.

    Let life happen to you, let LOVE happen to is not always the case of "Love at First Sight", but you may get some clues / hints.

    Good luck for best possible happening with you.

  2. Thanks Santosh.
    Yes you are right we cannot plan such things. It is just that people do not understand it at that point of age and this causes problems.

    Serendipity is the most beautiful thing after all ..

  3. hahah :-) nicely written ... !!

  4. honest, thoughtful, well written.. i love it.