Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am not water... Nor are you...

This happened today.. and I am still thinking... So thought of sharing my thoughts...
While filling my water bottle I looked at the water and thought : The earth is created so beautifully. It has all one can needs to live. Air, water and food. How thoughtful of someone to create all this... The bottle was full by now and I went back to my desk, still looking at the water inside the bottle. It was transparent, odourless, almost tasteless and the most wonderful art was it took the shape of its container. Perfect, I thought.

Shifting my attention from water I realized water is not me and I am not water, am I?? I am a woman. A wanna be woman of substance. A woman living in society. Yes The Society..

Society : Here there are many who expect woman to be Super human. She may work in the office but she has to work at home. She may leave her mother's house and live with the husband's family still there are questions - Does a woman accept her husband's family as hers! Then there are points like a man should prefer a working woman or not! Do women care about there children and husband or are they too career centric! And much more than just this..

But it is water's nature to adjust everywhere and adapt everything not human's. Humans are born with a type of nature. They adapt as much and as long they can. Then why should a women be targeted?

A list of questions never being asked :

Should a working woman marry a working man?

Do working men accept their in-laws as their own parents?

Do working men care about their children, give them enough time?

A woman never poses such questions , they are always by some man who has judged the whole community based on few examples. Just imagine if a woman rated man on the few cases which happen everyday, they will be framed completely negative!!

It is better to understand that every individual is different. The creator created water and he created us. He did not create us like water and water like us.

Lets say it loud and understand it deep.. 'I am not water, You are not water, We are not water'!!

I have shared my thoughts... Now please share your thoughts about this.... :)

Cheers to beautiful life!

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