Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this can be the result of lack of sex education...

Youngest parents in UK!!!!!!!!!!! AGE 13 yrs!!!!

Two school going kids have become the country’s  youngest  parents. Their baby was born in the last month but the official news of this child birth was announced recently. The two kids are still in school and now have became the youngest parents in the history of UK.
april webster 219x300
The baby born is though healthy and weighs 8lbs 14oz. The name of the mother of the baby born  is April Webster who got pregnant when the baby’s father Nathan Fishbourne were just 13 years in age.
The baby boy has been named Jamie and is currently living with April and her parents. The father of the baby Nathan said that he would love to live with the baby at weekends and the baby can live with April during a week. The two teens had unprotected sex after they started  dating last year in September. The teens are still confused about their  future relationship.

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