Thursday, January 20, 2011

sex education!!

Whenever i go through a column titled "ask the sex expert" I feel as if I am going through a column of jokes. Well people in India have minimum knowledge about sex, AIDS and STDs!!

It should start from school:
Parents try to keep their kids away from the opposite gender. It makes them more curious. They end up using porn sites to discover things which were suppose to be taught at the school. Then things go out of hand. They learn all the wrong things there and all the right is left in darkness.

I would recommend the book "Eleven minutes" to all who really want a true understanding.

Instead of regarding it bad or a sin we should look at it in a right way. Love is sacred and so is sex. You should respect it like you respect love.

Harm :

Lack of sex education causes unwanted pregnancy, some stupid people stay away from it always worrying about the results and it can also lead to depression.

Think, understand, and act!!

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